Samsung S6 Edge Plus : An SLR in the palm of your hand…

Milton being a huge fan of Apple and the iPhone, was excited to buy his 1st iPhone when we moved to Australia. So when he bought the iPhone 6 Gold, he was absolutely loving it. But then after 6 months, the iPhone6 broke his heart…awwww

Thanks to John Chambers (Head of Mobile Products, Telstra), Christmas surely came early for us, in September with the package in our mail box with the latest Samsung S6 Edge+. So we quickly opened it and looks like we found an answer to do we ever need an SLR camera now ?

20150911_225344 20150920_194116

So we decided to write a review of the Samsung S6 Edge+ from a lay man’s perspective, as we will leave the techie reviews to the expert tech reviewers .

Being a Samsung fan over years I absolutely loved my Samsung S4 and was going absolutely WOW whenever I watched the launch video of Samsung’s latest soon to be launched S6 Edge+.

So as soon as we started the phone the curvy edge takes all the attention. The looks of the phone are good enough to instantly fall in love with it. Its sleek, slim and curved just like a stunning gorgeous lady in white. Its Super AMOLED display is vibrant and colourful, even in direct sunlight. Given its size, it’s ideal for watching movies or perusing photos, but it’s also sharp enough to make text look great. It basically packs in everything you’d want from a modern mobile screen.

The next feature that caught our attention was the screen size UHD picture feature. The HD video’s viewing in the phone is just spectacular and is well complimented by the large screen.

20150926_174323 20150912_210234
Samsung S6 Edge+ has one of the best cameras I’ve seen yet on an Android handset. Its 16-megapixel camera takes sharp, vibrant photos without the need for fiddling with settings, although there’s a “Pro Mode” too if you want more control. It also performs wonderfully even in low light.

The touch sense is awesome and the keypad is also much wide and easy to type. the Edge+ proved to be a strong performer on our standard battery test too wherein I had 10 to 20% of the battery remaining in some occasions and yet the phone could easily survive for 1-2 hours with all the browsing and listening to music.

There are still a lot of features to explore and we are doing it day by day when we just come up with something new with the phone.

Overall, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is one splurge you won’t regret & YES we surely found our answer that we won’t need an SLR camera now !!!

20150911_200816 20150911_204801
As for Milton and his iPhone6, he now uses my Samsung S6 Edge+ for taking photos… 😉
20151001_122935 20151001_122434 20150919_190021 20150914_180638

(All the photos in this post are taken using the Samsung S6 Edge + with the default camera settings and no filters added)

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