Li Bai – Highest Lounge in Mumbai serving the Best Cocktails !!!

Saturday night….. Weekend…. Romantic evening…. Highest Lounge….Best Cocktails…. Amazing place… how does it feel when you combine all these adjectives into one… A WOW FEELING!!! Isnt it… Yes that’s exactly what we felt when we visited the Li Bai Lounge which is one of the highest Lounge in Mumbai.

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Located on the 37th Floor of the Hotel Palladium, it is one of the high end Lounges in Mumbai. But this place is trust me  “ SUPERCOOL”…. The ambiance of the place is just too good with perfect blend of music and  various drinks kept in a very decorative manner in the bar making it too inviting and irresistible for the people coming here to not try one. A wire mesh sculpture depicting Li Bai graces on top of the bar which increases its beauty further.  There are some semi-private seating areas and lounge chairs and tables, but the majority of people stand at and around the bar. They also have a private smoking area inside the lounge but without affecting the non smokers ofcourse…..


We went there at around 8.00 PM therefore the lounge was pretty empty and not much buzzing with people, we went there to experience the Monsoon at Li Bai because we wanted to see the monsoon view from the 37th Floor, the water droplets on the window pane would be just amazing.. We were hoping we would be lucky enough to get this rainfall view but it wasn’t raining that day… but nevertheless the view was just amazing…  We had heard a lot about the best cocktails that they offer so we were too excited to try it. The bar tenders then gave a long list of the cocktails that they offered.. All of them looked so tempting to try but then we thought of trying their signature drinks and the bar tenders helped us to chose one of the best drinks that they offered.

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The first cocktail that Milton and I ordered were Razmopolitan and Rhyme. Milton went for Razmopolitan (which was a blend of Vodka, Cranberry juice, Cointreau and Lime juice) , the blend and the quantity of all the juices were just perfect tasted heavenly .. My drink ofcourse the Rhyme (was Vodka mixed with lemongrass, watermelon juice, simple syrup and lime juice)… All I can say about the drink is that it was just too good beyond description.

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We then asked the attenders to recommend us some good appetizers and they mentioned to us that the Wok Fried Chicken with Sesame in Spicy sauces – Going by the recommendation we thought of trying the same and the starters were just lip smacking… we also tried their Crispy squid with homemade honey sauce which also was a part of their Chinese appetizers, the squid was crispy and the honey sauce gave it a very unique tangy and sweet taste which tasted perfect with the cocktails.

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We then tried their Baby Chrysanthemum Tea Martini (Vodka, Baby Chrysanthemum, tea and honey) and Golden Triangle ( Vodka, Grapes, Passion Fruit, Cranberry juice, ginger and vanilla cordial) it’s a cocktail named after the infamous golden triangle which has an illicit drug production (seems interesting), the drinks had perfect mix of the juices and vodka giving it the much needed kick.

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Li Bai Jito – Their signature Mojito with a twist which comes in a Bottle shaped Jar and is a must try, their Long Island Ice tea was one of the best of all the long islands that we had in other places and which had a perfect mix of all the drinks in proper quantity.

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We then tried their Cocktail Under Heaven – which was one of the Bar chefs signature cocktails containing Vodka, brulee apple, apple juice, lime juice and li bai cinnamon syrup which was one of its kind and unique and not the least we also tried one Mocktail Apple Breeze (Apple and cranberry juice with sweet and sour mix.) which was just too amazing.

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The drinks are reasonably priced and in par with what the other Lounges offer but the Cocktails are just heavenly and too good. This place usually gets packed post 10.30 – 11.00 PM on Weekends with the crowd buzzing and dancing to LIVE Bands.

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Thanks to Kevin & Clive (Managers at Li Bai) & his Team for the amazing hospitality And Special Thanks to Raisa Ladji (Digital Marketing Manager) &  for the invite 🙂 !!!