Fratelli Vineyards – Finest Wines & One of The Best Hidden Holiday Spot


If you are looking out for a relaxing and peaceful holiday along with discovering the true beauty of rural India than Fratelli Vineyards is where you should be heading to.

Located in Solapur district of Maharashtra to be more specific in Akluj, this vineyard is stretched across acres of land depicting the beauty of nature.

True experience of a vineyard is seeing the lush and juicy grapes hanging from the vines. This experience can be best attained if you are heading to this place during the harvest time that is specifically during the months of Jan, Feb or beginning of March.

Make sure that if you are heading to this place then you go in for a 2nights -3 days stay to get an actually relaxing time for yourself and your family

How to get there:

If you’re travelling from Mumbai it is better to opt for a pickup and drop service (which is provided by Fratelli at an additional cost & its totally worth it) as it’s a 7 hours drive. So it’s best to just sit back and enjoy the long drive.

Make sure that you start your journey as early as 5 AM in the morning. You can get a good sleep in the car while you cross the crowded city lanes and before you reach the outskirts of the village from where it is routed towards the interiors.

On getting there:

The long journey will be truly tiring but as you arrive at the spot the beauty of the place acts as a relief for all your tiredness.

Though it’s not a big resort and not a truly commercialized one as compared to the other vineyard resorts but there are around 4 rooms available for the guests thus giving it a very exclusive personalized touch.

Each room is differentiated from the other depending upon the highlighting color. (Ours was a Red room – Considering it as our pre anniversary trip).

The staff is very courteous and hospitable and include simple people from around the village who will help you know more about the place.


 What next:

 The best thing that you can do here is RELAX after a fine delicious traditional Maharashtrian lunch served by the staff there.

 It’s not a typical restaurant but a common table with a kitchen depicting more of a own personalized villa than a resort.

 The rooms are neat, clean and well arranged with the availability of all the basic necessities required. The main plus point is that there is no exclusive television in each rooms but there is one in the living room near the dining area. So be prepared to have a holiday without your spouse being glued to television during free time and wherein you can spend the quality time with each other romantically with a glass of wine in the evening.

Getting Adventurous:

 Once the tough rays of the afternoon sun are mellowed down at around 4.30 PM you can take the ATV bikes (available at the resort) and take your own tour towards the acres of vineyards stretched across.

 The staff guides you through the tour and is always there in their personalized jeep for safety purposes.

 The ride along the vineyards is a great fun, you can ride along the vineyards as per your leisure.

 The place is also well equipped with indoor games like a pool table, table tennis and carrom for some leisurely time. During our stay, one of the Co-Founders of Fratelli – Alessio Secci was also in the resort. We even played a game of pool with Alessio and it was fun interacting with him.


Wine tasting and vinery tour:

The winery is located just besides the resort hence you don’t have to travel long distances for the vinery tour. The staff will guide through the entire process of processing, storing and labelling of the wines.

Alessio personally took us to the wine cellar room, to see the barrels which have the wine stored in them for aging purposes. We did a lot of wine tasting in there.

The staff will also take you to their other vineyard located at Garwar. It’s located along the hill and once reached you can see the stretches and stretches of land under the grape cultivation.

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The evenings can be spent in the gardens enjoying their wine or watching television in the living room.

The dinner is again authentic maharastrian food prepared by the staff (for veg food) and in case of non-veg they order it from nearby restaurants which is amazingly yummy topped with spicy tandoor masalas and local spices and condiments.

Being the interior of the village there may be some power shedding during which there is no electricity but it is backed up by proper inverters for the same.

The best time to leave for return journey is during the evening to avoid the afternoon heat and avoid the Mumbai traffic.



It’s a great place to stay for the people who are very fascinated with exploring the remote places of rural India and spending quality time with each other just relaxing and enjoying the weather and lush green farms and forests while being miles away from the daily hustle and bustle of the city.

Thank You So Much Fratelli Vineyards & Luxpresso for the invite. We enjoyed our stay and will surely be back.This is by far one of the best undisclosed holiday spots in Mahrashtra and we are so happy to have explored it.


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