DELLA – Your Weekend Destination To Adventure

Located in one of the famous hill stations in Maharashtra. This place has been truly designed for adventure lovers.

Della is very well known and once you enter Lonavala there are various directions to guide you to the resort. The road to the resort is a very normal village type road with trees across. Once you enter the Della range there are three gates here, 2 gates leads to the resort and one gate is towards the adventure park (for the people who specifically come only for experiencing the adventure activities and not staying).

On entering the gate for the resort you can see the beautiful villas which are designed by Della for sale and once you get  in the resort its just heavenly.

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We had gone there for my pre birthday bash and it was surprise to me from Milton (Awwww cute hubby… 🙂 ) . As soon as we reached there their reception and resort was so very beautiful. The resort rooms, the dining restaurants were along side the reception area itself.  The booking formalities got quickly done and Milton was still keeping it a surprise from me as to which room he had booked !!!! Then he told me to see the farthest point on one of the hill coz that is where our room was… I couldn’t see anything but just a few tent like things… was just confused. Then a car was called to take us to our room (tent). The car is the in-house car which transports the guests from the tents to the reception area and to the adventure park.

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The road to go to the personalized tent was a narrow and steep one and was actually scary for the first time, but it was fun too. The car then dropped us to the tent area and the Top most second personalized tent was ours….. (Wow it was just tooo toooo amazing.) It was made of tenting material and wood giving it a very adventurous feeling from the outside but it was well equipped with all the facilities inside like a huge bed, a television, bathtub, tables etc.

As soon as we freshened up we went to check the restaurants for lunch (the great foodies that we are 🙂 )  We started with Carbon Café where we had Beers and Breezers and then had lunch at  Crème Della in which there was veg buffet, the lunch was really good and relishing.

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Post lunch we rested in our tent and then in the evening around 4 PM we thought of hitting the adventure park. The Adventure park was just amazing. First we just had a look at all the activities that they offered to select the ones that we would be doing. For the adventure activities one needs to get passes by paying first. They have various interesting packages with good discounts wherein you can enjoy all the activities we went for one of the packages namely gold package giving us discount on their activities.

The first we tried was Flying fox…. My goodness I was so so scared to let my self go on that rope from the cliff. The person / trainer there was giving me unlimited motivation to go ahead but my legs were shaking with fear, finally I decided I would not go but then thought lets give it a try…. I Let my self go down from the cliff with a loud scream and believe me it was just just amazing felt like I was flying and the experience was just amazing, it was Milton’s turn then and he enjoyed it too.

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The next activities that we went for was Dart Boards, Rocket Ejector, Zorbing Archery  and riding the ATV bikes. We were doing all these activities for the first time and hence initially we were really scared but once we had done it we found it truly enjoying adventurous and all our fear of heights etc was gone.

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During our stay here Madhuri Dixit along with her family had also come to the resort. Though not we didn’t get a glimpse of Madhuri but we got to see Mr. Sriram Nene ( her husband) and her sons in the Della adventure park doing various activities.

In the evening after freshening up we went for lunch at Café 24 which is a 24 hour coffee shop and a fine dining restaurant.  Here one of the waiter requested us to see their washrooms. He told us that they had made their washrooms in a unique way and believe me indeed it was.. The washrooms were actually unique and with a twist (when you see the pics you will know what the twist was 🙂 )

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The dinner was a multi cuisine and had variety of dishes right from soups to starters to main course. The food was too good . They also offered some good cocktails like Long Island Ice tea, Mojito and fresh juices.

Post lunch we chilled out at the pool for some time. When we had gone the pool was under maintenance hence we couldn’t go in the pool but we thoroughly enjoyed the hookah at Café 24 along the pool side.

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The tents were very cozy at night. The clock struck 12 and My cutie pie hubby was before me with a creamy birthday cake. The resort restaurant make good cakes too.. We celebrated my birthday at midnight and it was so romantic.


The next day we had breakfast at the Café 24. The breakfast was a buffet breakfast and had a good variety. Post breakfast again we took a round of the adventure park, did a few activities and we also got the massage done. The massage (head, shoulder and back) was truly relaxing. The person doing it was doing it really well.


Finally Post that it was time for us to leave. We half heartedly left the place as it was just truly enjoying to be there. We would definitely want to come over once again.


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