Chef Table Experience at Pizza Express – Being Pizzaiolos For A Day !!!


Recently we were invited for the Chef Table Experience at Pizza Express, BKC , we also had some of our close friends who joined us  – Sherel, Carlton & Niharika and it was great fun.

With the Chef Table Experience – we would be learning how to make our own pizzas & also see who amongst us friends is the best dough tosser and would make the best pizza. All of this while we enjoyed some of the best foods and beverages of Pizza Express.

The experience started with the Restaurant Manager giving us a brief introduction about the History of Pizza Express and telling us about the Mumbai outlets their unique interiors and how they plan to expand it to more cities in India.
The Head Chef then took over and spoke about how each Pizzaiolos (The one who makes pizzas) goes through a rigorous 12 weeks training to become expert pizza makers. One of Pizza Express secrets lies in the Tomato sauce which is applied on the Pizza base & is said to be imported from Italy (Trust Me…This paste is just awesomeeeee)

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Now with all the exchange of information, it was time for us to make our own pizzas and  yes…we all were super excited for it. We headed to the pizza making table and each of us were given a dough ball. Next setp was rolling the dough to make the perfect circular pizza base. While the Ladies in the gang -Anita & Niharika did it with ease, we Guys – Carlton, Sheryl and myself were on our toughest cooking mission to get into a circular shape . After we finally managed to get almost a recognizable circle shape of our dough’s, enough not to cause too much embarrassment 😛 . Next came the part for which we were eagerly waiting for – “to toss our pizza base high up in the Air”, we were told by the chef that all of us had to toss the pizza bases in the air else we would be disqualified. We all tried our level best to toss it like a professional but it went in various directions sprinkling the dry dough on each other, it was anyways nowhere close to how the Pizza Express Chef’s do it.

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With the Pizza base now ready, we were then given 15 minutes to apply and sprinkle whichever ingredients we wanted and come up with our own pizza & yeah there was a prize for who would make the Best Pizza. With all of us racing against time decorating our pizzas with onion slices, mushrooms, chesse, ham, chicken slices, olives … mine for all was more like an Art Gallery pizza on display 🙂 As per Anita it looked more like a Cake than a Pizza.

IMG-20140329-WA0020 IMG-20140329-WA0012

Once we were done, our pizzas were then taken to be baked. While we waited for our Pizzas, we had a couple of pizzas which were prepared for us by the Pizza Express Chefs.
Our personal favorite was The Padana Veg Pizza – with Goat cheese, mozzarella, spinach, red & caramelised onions, the taste of caramelised onions was just heavenly. We liked it so much that we even asked for one more Padana pizza. The Apollo Chicken Pizza was another one of the tasty pizzas that we had, the tandoor style chicken pizza with chillies and yellow pepper gave it a peppery -spicy taste.

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After feasting on the pizzas, came the lip smacking desserts. Each of the desserts looked so good, that we just couldn’t wait to grab our spoons and pounce on it. The Tiramisu, Cheesecake and the Banoffee Pie were undoubtedly one of the best desserts we ever had.
While we were busy relishing our desserts, the pizzas made by us  were ready and amongst us Carlton’s Pizza was judged as the best by the Pizza Express Chefs.
This event was great fun and every minute of it was thoroughly enjoyed by each and every one of us.

IMG-20140329-WA0006 IMG-20140329-WA0011

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One of the best things that we love about the Pizza Express Pizzas is its thin crust , The thin crust is very crispy to have and even doesn’t make one feel too over full after having the pizza, it’s just perfectly made for you to enjoy your pizzas.

20140329_174314 IMG-20140329-WA0021

We have now actually become big FANS of Pizza Express Pizzas.

Big Thanks to @MissMalini & @PizzaExpressIN for sending us the invite.

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