Banyan Tree Resort & Spa(Koh Samui) – Paradise On Earth


Do you Dream and Imagine about being in Paradise?? Then you have to stop here because BANYAN TREE SAMUI is the perfect place to fit your dreams.

Located 30 mins from Samui Airport this place is a HEAVEN.

Start off:

The trip from Bangkok to Samui is very thrilling specially when the plane is landing at the Samui airport and it’s over the clear blue ocean waters, you get a glimpse of the islands which is so beautiful that you feel it’s a wallpaper and not a reality.

On Landing at the Samui airport the first thing that would come into your mind is….. “Is it an AIRPORT or is it a RESORT”!!!!

The drive to the hotel is quite pleasant as there is no traffic on the road and the drive is pretty smooth.

On Being There:

Once we reached the Banyan tree resort lobby there was staff to welcome us with their traditional garland (wow it makes you feel like a VVIP ) We were then offered a welcome drink which was refreshing enough to take off all our tiredness away. We so excited that we will be staying in such a wonderful place for 4 nights 5 days yippee….

We were then introduced to our Villa Hostess – Ms. Amy (Every villa has a villa hostess- who is your first point of contact for anything, anytime). Amy then escorted us to our villa in a BUGGY (Golf Buggy – vehicle for internal transport within the resort).

Our villa number was kept as a surprise for us and throughout the way on the buggy we were just wondering how our villa will be. When we reached the top most point we were told that our villa is equal to a paradise and indeed it was. We were staying in Villa no H03 which was so amazing that the words are not sufficient enough to describe it.


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Our Villa H03:

The villa that you’ll stay in is you’re personalized home during the period of your stay in the hotel. It gives a homely feeling and much required privacy with your own infinity pool, your private Jacuzzi and balcony within the villa (If you are a honeymoon couple…  No need of a “DO NOT DISTURB” board)

The interiors of the villa were fantastic with a living room, a bedroom and the wardrobe and the bathroom area.  Everything so perfect beyond imagination. 

The view that we could get of the surroundings from the living room was “Is this villa made on the water?” because we could only see the soothing blue color of the ocean waters.

In the evenings the surroundings were beautiful enough as the sky would change its color from pink, to orange to red which used to be reflected in the ocean and the pool and the sight was just breathtaking.

The villa was cleaned and well organized and arranged daily twice by the housekeeping staff, in the mornings and in the evenings.

The resort has a tradition of placing a new dessert every day in your villa (They have a dessert planned for each day- so those having a sweet tooth be happy ). Also they would place a fragrance stick which would change every day based upon the days fragrance (You will have a card on your table as to which sweet and fragrance they offer on which week day… So you can guess what you will be having the next day too)



What to do in the resort:

The first day that we reached the resort, we only thought of relaxing and relaxing as the clear and calm view of the ocean provided a calming and relaxing experience. The villa had two televisions one in the living room and one in the bedroom.  The resort has a library which has a varied collection of books and DVD’s of various movies which you can select from the library and enjoy the movie/book in your villa.

The resort has a private beach (Can you imagine a private beach… WOW… a personalized one). The beach is clean and well equipped with the necessary items.

They provide a variety of activities for the guests such as snorkeling, kayaking etc. All the beach activities are complimentary for the guests. We enjoyed kayaking in the blue waters, the water was calm enough and we could enjoy the cooling breeze of the sea while kayaking.

We also went for a dip in the beach, the water was very clear and the sand underneath was white and soft, there were corals near the beach and in some of them we also saw some colorful fishes under the water (I must say, you must go for a dip and walk in the water hand in hand with your partner, it’s very romantic with a combination of adventure )

We also checked out their Rainforest Spa and indeed we must say that it was a heavenly experience. We tried their Rainforest Hydro Thermal therapy which indeed is a unique concept than a normal spa. It is a fusion spa experience, combining the best of its signature spa treatments with hydrothermal facilities to maximize your wellness experience.

The beach area also has other games like table tennis, pool, football etc, which you can enjoy if you are a sports person or if you just prefer to laze on the beach chairs with a drink, we did all of them

Every evening, we use to chill out at the villa Jacuzzi and the pool watching the sunset and the stars in the nights.




Banyan Tree Samui has three restaurants :

1. The Edge (which is actually on the edge – at the start of the resort near the lobby) – The breakfast in edge was a huge spread starting right from fresh fruits, juices, cold cuts, pastas, noodles, pancakes, eggs and Champaign etc.

2. Sands (located on the beach area)- The sands restaurant had a menu with a twist on a daily basis, we attended the dinner for Wagyu Beef Night and yum, the beef was just juicy as ever with a tangy sauce, we totally enjoyed it.

3. Saffron – Saffron is a high end dining restaurant. The food was very delicious, thai curry and the sea food dishes which also comes with a variety of rices (5 different colors and flavors) and it was indeed an authentic thai food.

They also have 2 Bars – The Lobby Bar & The Pool Bar.

Do enjoy the amazing cocktails at the Lobby Bar. They even have Happy Hours from 8pm-10pm.

One of the evenings, we were invited for a Sunset Cocktail Party at the Pool Bar, a party hosted by the Resort Management, where we interacted with Mr. Remko Kroesen (Resort General Manager) and the other resort staffs.

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Samui itself is a place to totally fall in love with as a whole, but Banyan tree Samui is beyond love and much more than it. We totally fell in love with the place and trust me we did not want to come back. The villa, the environment, the resort was all a complete package for a perfect holiday.

We also went for a volunteering activity of teaching English to the kids in the nearby Wat Saket school along with the resort employees for two days, and we must say that it was fun, we taught them English and in turn they taught us Thai (exchange of information both sides  );  Also the other day we were playing all the games with them (it just brought us back our childhood memories)

In Samui we did check out places at Chaweng beach – it is loaded with stuff for shopping, varied cuisine restaurants and also the best foot and body massages (lot of D’S Spas here) and the Central Festival shopping mall.

Our good friend and tour guide Khun Cha took us around Samui to various tourists spots such as Hinta and Hinyai Point – Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks (when you see it you will know why it is called so 😉 ) at Lamai beach,  We had an amazing Thai lunch at the Lipanoi Resort on the Lipanoi beach, We also checked the Lad koh view point which is also a famous view point.

We also had authentic thai food at one of the local restaurants -Sabeinglae restaurant and we must say we just enjoyed the food a lot. Their signature Tom Yum soup, the omelette was just awesome, and the sea food is to die for.

We also went to a tourist point “Na Muang Waterfall” wherein there is elephant safari in the nearby jungle. (Wow it seems so adventurous)

We must say that Koh Samui, Thailand is a wonderful place to visit and the Banyan Tree Resort is a perfect place to stay with your sweetheart, your family or friends.



Special Thanks:

We want to give our heartiest thanks to Khun Best (Asst. Director –  Banyan tree Resort) for offering us the best villa, Ms. Amy our Villa Host, Khun Cha for being such a wonderful friend than a tour guide and above all HONEYTEERING THAILAND for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to visit a beautiful country with beautiful people. We also want to thank Wat Saked School for providing us an opportunity to volunteer in their school this was the least that we could do on our part for amazing kids and people they are.




The Banyan Tree Resort & Spa, Koh Samui:


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