A weekend learning an international form of dance…. Sounds interesting isn’t it??


We attended the programme “Tango en el Monzon”  on 9th and 10th of August which was organized in Mumbai at Club Peninsula, by BTANGOCONCIOUS, a community of Tango Lovers across the world who believe in Transformation through Tango with a main aim to to spread awareness about tango pan-India, through the Tango Society based out of Buenos Aires.

The programme started with a brief about the dance form from Gladys Fernandez and Juan Guida(Tango Maestros). They then asked amongst the group present as in who was well versed with the dance form and one who were beginners and accordingly two groups were created. We definitely fell in the beginners category 🙂

Juan then started step by step teaching the beginners group about how to start of with the dance, how to hold your partner while dancing, the expressions which you must be having while doing the tango and how to move with grace while dancing. In short, every detail were minutely explained to us and we were told to practice the same. Initially it was tough but after a two three steps we were actually able to do it with much ease especially the basic steps of the dance. Once all the beginners were well versed with the beginning steps they then taught us the advanced steps in the dance.

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I must say that Juan and Gladys were truly amazing teachers while informing and teaching us. They were also very friendly.  They were interacting with all those present after the learning session especially during the DJ session which they had organized for the night on the open air in club peninsula.  The people were dancing Tango with each other and were also joined by Juan and Gladys.

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The DJs present were also playing the perfect songs suitable for tango. There was unlimited drinks which basically included wine, beer and softdrinks. There were some mouth watering starters too to add to the mood of the night.

The event was very well organized and started on time. Above all the trainers and the TANGO Mastros were amazing people to teach us. We can now say that though not as an expert but we can definitely dance a TANGO with ease especially the basic steps.


We truly appreciate the BTANGOCONCIOUS team for organizing such an event in Mumbai and make people aware about such a beautiful form of dance.

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